• Fiona


Hello and thank you for visiting our new webpages. I am chair of the Trust that has been established to try to raise enough support and funding to restore the glorious Sixty Steps and Wall to their former glory - link to some photos?

I won't go into the detail of the history here as you can read that for yourself - link to detail? if you are interested but it is important to know that this was Alexander Thomson's last ever piece of work and it is also the only civic structure. All of his other commissions were for churches or residentail developments, so the Steps and Wall give a unique opportunity for each and every one of us to appreciate and admire his incredible eye for detail and the desing features which were, in his day, absioltuely groundbreaking. Never before had pillar and stonework influenced by greek architecture been seen in Great Britain, never mind the West of Scotland.

if you've never seen them before, why not check out our drone footage (link) and virtual tour (link)

The Trust is immensily proud of the Steps and Wall and absolutely passionate about the restoration but we simply can't do that alone. Perhasp you could help support us by spreading the word with friends, family and colleagues - we are on DB, T and Instagram. Or, even better, why not take out a subscription and make your own contribution towards one of those stunning lamps.

Thanks for reading and please do keep visiting us.


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