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Alice's Sixty Steps of Wonder 2021

As part of this year's Queen Margaret Drive Spring Fling, The Sixty Steps organised two art installations in the features of the wall to help raise awareness of The Sixty Steps and to provide local passers by with a bit of fun. We had Alice and The Cheshire Cat hiding on the stairs and a thought provoking piece in the 'Hidden Doorway' with a quote from Alice "Who am I? That's the great puzzle" written for all to think about.

To add to the event and in line with COVID-19 regulations, three sanitising stations were set up. Social distancing was encouraged/promoted and hand sanitiser, masks and individually wrapped chalk bags were provided for free.

With help from a local artist - Kim Grant, and using the renowned chalk artist David Zinn's support and characters for inspiration, the local community actively (and thoughtfully) participated to a wonderful and safe event. Please see below for a small selection of some of the brilliant work or, continue reading to the end and watch the short video.

Very many thanks to Marianne Vosloo @SWG3, David Zinn @davidzinn, Brendon McIlroy @Halo Arts, Theresa Lowe, Kim Grant and especially Raveloe for the use of music in our video below:

Finally, thank you to all who chalked the white rabbits to raise awareness of the event and to the local community for everyone's involvement. Should you wish to stay up to date with developments and activities, please sign up for the newsletter (below) and stay tuned!

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