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Alice’s Sixty Steps to Wonderland @ The QMD Spring Fling - 28th of March

As part of the Queen Margaret Drive’s ‘Spring Fling’, The Sixty Steps Trust is excited to provide the opportunity to explore the wonders of The Sixty Steps viewed through the eyes of Alice, The Cheshire Cat and a few new friends (courtesy of David Zinn – a world-famous chalk artist).

Follow the white rabbits from all across the West End to the Windows of Wonder on Queen Margaret Drive, then take a short detour to The Sixty Steps where you’ll be able to:

· Gaze through the looking glass into the mysterious doorway

· Ask for directions from The Cheshire Cat in the magical fireplace

· Enjoy the view over the River Kelvin in the pleasure gardens

· Learn about the history of this hidden Glasgow gem

· Add to the community chalking (sanitised chalks provided for free); create your own and/or try to copy your favourite David Zinn character

We look forward to welcoming you at The Sixty Steps, sharing our artists' work and seeing your creations on the 28th between 11 am and 4 pm - something for all the family. Just follow the white rabbits!

"That mysterious stone doorway is particularly intriguing, and the wildflower garden is a lovely testament to the community affection for the place. If I lived anywhere nearby, I would haunt those steps constantly."

Accessibility - Though the steps may be a challenging climb/inaccessible for some, there will be access to two short video tours from the bottom of the stairs 1) a guided walk and 2) a drone video of the area (descriptive audio & subtitled) - both with the fascinating history of the area and of the steps - all you'll need is a mobile phone. Finally, members of The Sixty Steps Trust will be on hand to help and have a chat for those who are interested.

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